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October 21, 2019  

After a short break Chris, Craig and Jack are back Back BACK.  And what better way to celebrate than anything other than the Cannon and Ball laff-fest that is The Boys in Blue? Hear the full unexpurgated back story behind the rise of the comically comedic duo and rejoice in the return of Creamguide (Films) commentary. We've almost forgotten how to write these billings.


CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return next week with a bloody good show.

October 14, 2019  

In the last of this particular run, Ian and Chris attend a colour-coded middle-management olympiad.

This instalment includes: 'Pluck'.

October 7, 2019  

Chris and Graham settle down to two shows, and then talk about them. In detail.

This instalment includes: Our nightly nibble on the biscuit that is Britain.

September 30, 2019  

TV Cream's view-a-thing-and-then-chat-about-it podcast returns for an epic three-week residency! And in a new innovation, you can actually watch a fully animated version of this endeavour - see Ian and Graham talking! - at:

This instalment includes: Judith Chalmers

It's Halloween and the three fine fellows dive into the John Carpenter classic. Along the way they discuss the  live episode of Inside Number 9, the paranormal phenomenon of workplace dirty protests and a great deal more.



It's the third and final part of our Halloween portmanteau, and this time one of the Simons from Simon and Simon is up for discussion. Also learn which film has the greatest exposition scene in cinema history, and laugh once again at the name of a character from Ghostwatch.



May 24, 2017  

Recorded on the evening of Monday 22 May, here's our unintentional, but nonetheless fulsome, tribute to the mighty Sir Roger Moore. We've added a new bit at the beginning - a Bondian pre-title sequence, if you will where we reflect on one of Britain's greatest ever film stars - but the rest is as it was recorded.

So consider this your re-entry into the urbane world of Sir Roger Moore.  Relax in the company of Chris, Craig and Jack as they rank the best Bond baddies, rank the best Bond haircuts and - of course rank the best Bond Bonds.




May 15, 2017  

By the finest scissors in all of Aragon, the Creamguide (Films) Commentary team go Bakshi insane with a detailed (and we do mean detailed), exhaustive (and we do mean exhaustive) journey through the intricate world of Tolkein.  Discover at last the difference between a fantasy and a space fantasy, and learn which characters from history are good guys - just not THE good guy.  Special bonus feature:  Does the Balrog have wings?  The definitive answer is inside.  Please feel free to comment on our various factual inaccuracies, but you are wrong, all content in this podcast is factually accurate. Warning lots of swears.

CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return to rake only moons.

May 1, 2017  

Here they are, born to be kings - it's Chris, Craig and - to a fuller extent - Jack, to discuss what any 13-year-old boy would agree is the greatest directed film of all time.  Ably guided by Creamguide (Films) listener Jonathan Wilkins (it was he who nominated this movie for commentary treatment, don't you know?), our trio of immortals neatly sidestep the usual chat about inappropriate accents for a loving reminiscence of the greatest film in the entire Highlander canon. What does incompetent mean?  Listen to this and you will surely find out!

CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return with another listener choice very soonish

April 17, 2017  

Flash, Flash we love you, but we only have 1 hour 45 minutes and eight seconds to wax lyrical about this stupendous cinematic offering.  From Ever Decreasing Circle's Howard's pervy relationship with Princess Aura, to the realisation that Brian Blessed doesn't actually SHOUT "Gordon's Alive!", this audio presentation is the first of a double-double bill.  We are in gratitude to the estimable Jonathan Wilkins who has hand picked both this and our next commentary offering (that's the first double). What's more - this is the first in our dualogy of films soundtracked by the archetypal music-isn't-just-for-you-c**ts band, the mighty, mighty Queen.


CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return cruising for a piece of ass

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