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July 9, 2018  

It's the last episode of this six-part run, and here's Ian and Graham nattering about two shows. 

This episode includes: An incredibly annoying song. *Incredibly* annoying.

July 2, 2018  

Graham and Chris meet, each bringing an undisclosed show for the other to watch, and then talk about. And that, in a nutshell, is the format. 

This episode includes: Flirty fishing, magic rabbits, a 'bluey' and sorrel, gathered this morning from a Wiltshire hedgerow.

June 25, 2018  

This time around, Chris and Ian are getting together to surprise each other with a couple of old TV shows and then have a chat about them. 

This episode includes: The SDP, the M25, Sky Television, CFCs, Edwina Currie, British Rail, Oliver North and Dan Quayle.

June 18, 2018  

This week, it's Ian and Graham in the home-office, watching and then chatting about a couple of TV shows.

This episode includes: A fort, a cell, a defecting biochemist and a stool pigeon.

June 11, 2018  

Hiya! It's a Chris and Graham one.

This episode includes: Which international airlines fly from Heathrow? And who wrote Alistair Maclean's Hostage Tower?


June 4, 2018  

It's the start of a brand-new six-part run! So, anyway, first Chris makes Ian watch (and then chat about) a show of which he has no prior knowledge, then Ian reciprocates.

This episode includes: "Well, it's a person, inside a large costume which looks a bit like a giant sheep - but pink. Kind of like a mound of fur or hair. And protruding from this lump is a long neck with a beak at the end."

The shadowy cabal of Chris, Craig and Jack are joined by no one, but do welcome a new scriptwriter for Craig's lines.  In this podcast commentary, learn everything you need to know about what makes a perfect film, and why Battle Beyond the Stars qualifies for that epithet.  Also, even more chat on old shops, including quite specific references to an individual branch of Safeways.  you have been warned.



February 26, 2018  

The shadowy cabal of Chris, Craig and Jack is joined by actual lady, Rose, to drill into the exact definition of the Right Kind of Goth. Along the way, the quartet pick apart the dubious gender politics of Francis Ford Dracula's Bram Stoker's Coppola and listen out for a guest appearance by David Morrissey ... or is it?  Or is it?  Or is it?



February 12, 2018  

The shadowy cabal of Chris, Craig and Jack is joined by Aliens in the Family expert, Martin, for a right old chat about the 10th best film in the Alien series.  There is fingering aplenty as the team try to get to grips with the film's internal logic and lack of consequence and struggle to make any sense out of the musical instrument scene.


CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return on 24 February to celebrate a silver anniversary...

January 29, 2018  

Welcome to 2018, with the first official release from Creamguide Films (Commentaries). The trio convene to assess Terry Gilliam's best film (FACT) and in the process discover that Time Bandits is a perfect slice of cinema (except possibly for the bit with Michael Palin in Robin Hood era which doesn't quite land).  Listen in also for the official rankings of Pythons from worst to best.


CREAMGUIDE (FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return on 12 February with a special guest...

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