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June 25, 2018  

This time around, Chris and Ian are getting together to surprise each other with a couple of old TV shows and then have a chat about them. 

This episode includes: The SDP, the M25, Sky Television, CFCs, Edwina Currie, British Rail, Oliver North and Dan Quayle.

June 18, 2018  

This week, it's Ian and Graham in the home-office, watching and then chatting about a couple of TV shows.

This episode includes: A fort, a cell, a defecting biochemist and a stool pigeon.

June 11, 2018  

Hiya! It's a Chris and Graham one.

This episode includes: Which international airlines fly from Heathrow? And who wrote Alistair Maclean's Hostage Tower?


June 4, 2018  

It's the start of a brand-new six-part run! So, anyway, first Chris makes Ian watch (and then chat about) a show of which he has no prior knowledge, then Ian reciprocates.

This episode includes: "Well, it's a person, inside a large costume which looks a bit like a giant sheep - but pink. Kind of like a mound of fur or hair. And protruding from this lump is a long neck with a beak at the end."

December 18, 2017  

This Christmas, we join Ian and Graham, who despite rejecting (and, in at least one case, being instrumental in having banned) the practice of 'Secret Santa' in the workplace, slip each other an undisclosed festive-themed TV show, watch each of them, and then have quite a long chat.

This special episode includes: “The friendly fellow with the mellow bellow!"

September 20, 2017  

Yes! It's a Chris and Ian episode, and they're, like, the main ones! The 'rhythm pals' meet to look at two undisclosed shows, and then have a chat about them.

This episode includes: TV's "fastest moving survey" and a man saying, "I did not wish to know that," for wont of anything better.

August 10, 2017  

In what *we hope* will be an enjoyable episode, Ian and Graham look back at two secretly selected shows from 1997, the year of TV Cream's birth!

This episode includes: The biggest civilian operation since Britain was converted to natural gas, and indoor swimming pool maintenance chat.

April 24, 2017  

Oh, great! It's an 'Ian and Graham' episode! The two pals meet to discuss two shows, both of which aired on Tuesday nights. That's just a coincidence of course, as neither has briefed the other on the programme they've brought with them.

This episode includes: An Oscar-winning director saying, "I don't see any jelly and I don't see any pillows" and a delve into the merits of bland presentational skills.

March 27, 2017  

A particularly lusty instalment, featuring two great friends, who arrive at a location and show each other a TV show - with no prior briefing. AND THEN THEY CHAT.

This episode includes: Hopes for a nonagonal baton and general uncertainty about covetousness.

January 30, 2017  

Another episode of the high-concept, low-rent 'happening' in which two slightly effete-sounding men surprise each other with a TV show, watch the show, then talk about watching the show.

This episode includes: "For the first time I'm actually going to start with two firsts," and some top sweatshirt chat!

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