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April 24, 2017  

Oh, great! It's an 'Ian and Graham' episode! The two pals meet to discuss two shows, both of which aired on Tuesday nights. That's just a coincidence of course, as neither has briefed the other on the programme they've brought with them.

This episode includes: An Oscar-winning director saying, "I don't see any jelly and I don't see any pillows" and a delve into the merits of bland presentational skills.

March 27, 2017  

A particularly lusty instalment, featuring two great friends, who arrive at a location and show each other a TV show - with no prior briefing. AND THEN THEY CHAT.

This episode includes: Hopes for a nonagonal baton and general uncertainty about covetousness.

January 30, 2017  

Another episode of the high-concept, low-rent 'happening' in which two slightly effete-sounding men surprise each other with a TV show, watch the show, then talk about watching the show.

This episode includes: "For the first time I'm actually going to start with two firsts," and some top sweatshirt chat!

December 14, 2016  

Two earnest men from TV Cream have come together under the flag of peace on Earth and goodwill to all other earnest men. Their purpose? To make each other watch a Christmas-related TV show, of which they've had no prior warning. Then they'll chat about what they've seen. Yes, it's got enough 'format points' to make it an actual thing.

This special episode includes: "A big fat bum!"

Merry Christmas, one and all!

August 29, 2016  

It's the last in our triple-pack of summer holiday fillers (think of this undertaking as a kind of 8:15 From Manchester). And the set-up couldn't be simpler! Two fat-necked residents of 'TVC Towers' come together to discuss two TV programmes. But neither knows what show the other is about to make them watch! OMG!

This week's episode includes: A Willo the Wisp frieze and a big platter of salmon.

August 22, 2016  

The second of three podcasts from TV Cream to brighten summer holiday mornings. As before, two 'great friends' from TVC convene to discuss a couple of TV shows that they just watched. But which? Neither knows what programme the other is about to air...

This week's episode includes: Habitat self-assembly shelving and a man having his hair cut at home.

August 15, 2016  

A new three-part summer holiday filler from TV Cream! In this endeavour, two TVC pals sit down to talk about two shows... which they've just watched. However, the high concept here is that neither person knows what programme the other is about to show them.

This week's episode includes: A mounted stick-mic and un-replumped cushions on a banquette.


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