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March 11, 2019  

REPEAT! An instalment from January 2017, in which Chris and Graham watch the very first episodes of The Tripods (and a bit of Noel Edmonds too) and Beat The Teacher.

March 4, 2019  

REPEAT! Another episode from August 2016. It features Ian and Chris watching Phillip Schofield in Take Two and marvelling at a platter of salmon in The Bounder. 

February 25, 2019  

REPEAT! This episode first went out in August 2016. It features Chris and Graham watching an episode of The Living Soap, and an edition of Keep It In The Family in which Dudley gets his hair cut at home.

February 18, 2019  

REPEAT! Over the next 14(!) Mondays, we'll be giving you another welcome chance to hear TV Cream's watching-things podcast... from the beginning.

This episode first went out in August 2016. It features Ian and Graham watching an episode of Masterteam ("Let's play!") and an edition of Harty featuring Kenneth Williams and Tina Turner.

December 17, 2018  

For this Yuletide episode, Chris and Ian aren't exchanging gifts, but fruity opinions of two festive TV specials of yore. Because we need a little Christmas, now more than ever.

This instalment includes: A wicked uncle.

Merry Christmas!

July 9, 2018  

It's the last episode of this six-part run, and here's Ian and Graham nattering about two shows. 

This episode includes: An incredibly annoying song. *Incredibly* annoying.

July 2, 2018  

Graham and Chris meet, each bringing an undisclosed show for the other to watch, and then talk about. And that, in a nutshell, is the format. 

This episode includes: Flirty fishing, magic rabbits, a 'bluey' and sorrel, gathered this morning from a Wiltshire hedgerow.

June 25, 2018  

This time around, Chris and Ian are getting together to surprise each other with a couple of old TV shows and then have a chat about them. 

This episode includes: The SDP, the M25, Sky Television, CFCs, Edwina Currie, British Rail, Oliver North and Dan Quayle.

June 18, 2018  

This week, it's Ian and Graham in the home-office, watching and then chatting about a couple of TV shows.

This episode includes: A fort, a cell, a defecting biochemist and a stool pigeon.

June 11, 2018  

Hiya! It's a Chris and Graham one.

This episode includes: Which international airlines fly from Heathrow? And who wrote Alistair Maclean's Hostage Tower?


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